ProMed, a Cross-Platform Enterprise Application Package for Clinical Data Management and Analysis.

ProMed Application Suite designed to support rapidly growing Healthcare Data Management needs.

We Care, Care Providers

ProMed Application Suite, a flexible customizable and cost effective Health Care Management Solution, precisely Hospital Management System (HMS) that could harness all of your clinical and administrative data, ensuring that it’s stored & managed efficiently, intelligently and securely.


Customer Portals for Online Appointments


Integrated Video Consultation


Userfriendly Entry and View Screens


Patients Vitals Analysis before medication


Department Specific Exmaination


Multiple Doctor Schedules


  • Provision to capture patient vitals
  • Template based ePrescription with configurable for each doctor or departments
  • Medicine search with generic
  • ICD-10 Coding
  • Provision to order Procedure, Investigation from prescription
  • Provision to mark review reminders
  • Department Specific Examination & Charts
    ICD-10 Codes: ~12.2K


  • Automatic barcode after sample collection based on sample type and test method
  • Configurable workflow starting from Sample collection
  • Custom template
  • Auto range detection
  • QR Code in reports for 3rd Party verification
  • Interface ready supports HL7, ASTM, DICOM, FHIR standards
  • Tests with fields and range: ~17K


  • Customizable Clinical Records including consents, Operative Notes, etc.
  • Supports Macro based templates for quick documentation
  • ICD-10 Coding
  • Supports Department wise or doctor wise templates
  • Provision to upload patient documents
  • Imaging
  • Number of unique Patients served: ~1.5 Million


  • Supports Multi level stores and Pharmacy
  • Supports Centralized Purchase, Distributed Sales and Returns
  • Medicine ageing
  • Tracking of Fast and Slow moving goods
  • Comprehensive centralised database of medicine with generic and other properties
  • Medicine Database: ~180K


  • Order Appointments, Procedures, Investigations, Medical Health Packages, Surgical Procedure, Miscellaneous Items etc.
  • Automatic billing of Room and Nursing Charges based on IP Admission records
  • Provision for scheduling
  • Calander for care providers
  • Delivered lab reports in last 1 year: 812K


  • Automated Notification and Messaging via eMail, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Daily Digest Message for Doctors
  • Appointment Reminders for Patients
  • Daily Collection reports to Management
  • Investigation Reports Notification for Patients
  • Customizable Weekly & Monthly Digest
  • Message Distribution: ~500K


  • Insurance for Out-Patient and In-Patients
  • Automatic rate card for each billable items based on Insurance
  • Insurance Outstanding & Collection Reports
  • Total Video Consultations: 1540K Seconds


  • REST APIs for 3rd Party Application Interfacing
  • APIs for Mobile Applications
  • APIs for Investigation reports
  • APIs for Appointments booking and Payment
  • LabNetX Integrated Lab Equipments: ~63