DoctAssist ™ :: Personal Assistant for Doctors

DoctAssist ™ is suitable for Single Doctor Clinics where there is a need of an application which covers Clinical Documentation during Consultation, Appointments Management, Queue Management and Billing. Visit for more details.

DoctAssist is a tailored application derived from our product ProMed. DoctAssist ™ can be used for a Single Doctor Clinic with/ without networking capability. DoctAssist can be deployed in multiple host computers (Client-Server Model) in a clinic with no limitation in number of Clients. i.e. With one Computer acts as a Server and multiple other computers as client. DoctAssist is a zero-configuration Clinical Management System. DoctAssist ™ provide you complete mobility by allowing installation in a PenDrive. Backed by our value added services like Cloud Backup, Auto Updates and compatible products like Queue management using our applications like ProMedLite and SofToken, DoctAssist ™ is a perfect companion for Doctors. Visit for more details.

  • Suitable for Clinics having maximum 3 doctors
  • Zero-Configuration
  • Supports Appointments
  • Supports Multiple Rates for Consultations
  • Supports Template based Prescriptions
  • Works in Windows, Linux and MAC
  • Supported by ProMedLite and SofToken

Call +91 80 41 144 144 for more details

Call +91 80 41 144 144 for more details

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointments
  • Supports our Value added services like Missed Call Based Appointments or IVR Based Appointments
Compatible with SofToken Android application for Smart TV's with Screen Size 32 Inch or higher
Can be used along with ProMedLite
Supports Tempalte based ePrescription
Supports our value added services like Cloud based Online Backup
Allow Billing, Payments
Detailed Reports and Analytics


  • Embedded Database with Networking Support
  • No Separate hardware required for Server


  • Windows/ Linux/ MAC Operating System
  • RAM 2GB or more
  • Intel/ AMD
  • CPU Clock 1GHz or more

Call +91 80 41 144 144 for more details

DoctAssist Video Demo

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License Starts From $40 Onwards

For License Contact +91 80 41 144 144 or Mail to: